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Développement professionnel

  • Management

  • Commerce et vente

  • Communication

  • Marketing

  • Ressources Humaines

  • Gestion de projet

  • Pédagogie pour adultes

Développement personnel

  • Bilan de compétences

  • Bilan professionnel

  • Expression / prise de parole

  • Gestion du stress

  • Gestion des conflits

  • Equicoaching


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formation paris et auvergne
"The fall is not a failure, the failure is to stay where we fell."


Formation de formateur pour adultes Humanissue Consulting à Chamalières

Formateur pro pour adultes

623 h

Devenir formateur professionnel dans son domaine d'expertise. Créer et organiser son OF. Reconversion professionnelle, ...

Tarif HT

8 000 € 

Formation de formateur occasionnel Humanissue Consulting Chamalières

Devenir formateur occasionnel

3 jours

Concevoir des formations présentielles et distancielles, connaître les principes de la pédagogie pour adultes, ....

Tarif HT

3 150 €*

SFP Formation, Stéphane Felut: RGPD

Sensibilisation et mise en œuvre RGPD

1 jour (ou 7h)

Connaître et comprendre les enjeux de la RGPD, mesurer les risques liés au non respect, mettre en place un registre, ...

Tarif HT

1 450 €*


Ouverture 21 nov. 2022



Formation Humanissue consulting - Management

Manage or how to become a leader

4 days

Know how to mobilize and to animate a team with objectives. To reach goals, to communicate, ...

Net Rate:

4 200 €*

Formation Humanissue consulting - Développement de la cohésion d'équipe

Development of team's cohesion

3 days

Master communication tools, federate and mobilize. Conduct interviews, ...

Net Rate:

3 150 €*

Formation Humanissue consulting - Gestion du litige client

Customer litigation management

2 days

To define the agression origins. Master the tools of NLP, TA and NVC, ...

Net Rate:

2 100 €*

96 %

de stagiaires satisfaits

Formation Humanissue consulting - Gestion du temps : un outil de performance

To manage time: a tool for performance

2 days

To know how to manage your inner demons, to plan. Listen to your chronobiology, to anticipate, to fix goals,...

Net Rate:

2 100 €*

Formation Humanissue consulting - Prendre la parole en public

Speaking in public

2 days

To know how to express ideas clearly, master the voice, the posture. Non verbal communication, ...

Net Rate:

2 100 €*

Formaton Humanissue consulting - Organiser et conduire une réunion

Organize and conduct a meeting

2 days

To identify the elements that make up a good meeting. To plan, to communicate, ...

Net Rate:

2 100 €*

Formation Humanissue consulting - Outils de pilotage des performances

Performance management tools

2 days

To know how to drive  your activity with dashboards. Define the right objectives and indicators,...

Net Rate:

2 100 €*

Formation Humanissue consulting - Les clés de la fidélisation

The keys to loyalty

3 days

To know how to create a trusty relationship and a qualified database. Master the CRM tools, ...

Net Rate:

1 500 €

Formation Humanissue consulting - Les clés d'un vendeur performan

The keys for a succesful salesperson

4 days

Enhance the customer experience. Master the story-telling, use pro-active listening, identify the right levers,...

Net Rate:

4 200 €*

96 %

de stagiaires satisfaits

Formation Humanissue consuting - How to speak Luxury

How to speak

3 days

To know the codes and uses of Luxury according to the cultures. To adapt its vocabulary,...

Net Rate:

3 150 €*

Formation Humanissue consulting - Horlogerie et joaillerie: Histoires et techniques

Watchmaking and Jewelry, Tales & Tech

5 days

To know history and techniques in watchmaking and jewelry. Develop your expertise, manage the after-sale service, ...

Net Rate

5 250 €*

Homme travaillant sur son ordinateur por

98 %

de satisfaction dans l'accompagnement

Bilan de compétences

Environ 20h - Selon stagiaire

Pour faire les bons choix de carrière et développer sa confiance en soi

Tarif HT

1 200 €

* Tarifs intra-entreprise. Pour une formation individuelle ou en inter-entreprise, merci de consulter le catalogue.

Our training courses have been developed according to our different areas of expertise and are systematically adjusted according to your companies.
We are labeled "Data Dock"; You can now finance your Humanissue Consulting trainings with your local social partner or OPCO and according to the your eligibility.



We carry out a diagnosis in order to clearly define the needs, establish a preparatory study which will enable us to identify the most adequate training structure. Then we go to the stages of construction, animation and dissemination of training tools.
The follow-up concerns all our services and we commit to it being correctly applied. In addition, we sale the complete pedagogical kit (driver, anecdotes, ...) which can be customers branded and integrated into your internal training program.


Developed and led by experts with cross-functional skills, our courses are updated annually. In addition, we strive to adapt our pedagogy to each programmed session and according to companies and trainees.

Each trainee get a post-training individualized coaching* to ensure the strenght of the acquired skills. At each trainings endings, each student is given

various pedagogical supports and a skills acquisition certificate.


Whether for personal or professional development, our offer and our pedagogy are adapted according to the needs and cognitions of trainees.

Our students in individual training also get post-training coaching*.

*Report to the catalog